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Off-road Motorbike Tours In Hanoi, Vietnam – General Details


Are you a fan of off-road motorbike tours? You landed in a right place and welcome to the official homepage of Vietnam Offroad Motorcycle Tours! This website is part of Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel, a company that offers premier outdoor adventures in Vietnam such as off-road motorbike tours, cycling, 4×4 and cruises in small groups. Unlike most of the travel companies in Vietnam, we don’t offer classic tours in large groups by bus.

Vietnam is a motorbike nation and there is no better way to see this vibrant country than on motorbikes. A successful and safe adventure needs to be operated by a professional company and you have found the right place.

Our Company

Founded in late 2006 by two local motorcycle riders who realized an increasing demand of riders from all over the world about a special way of exploring Vietnam on two wheels. When we started our business, Russian Minsk 2-stroke 125cc was the only choice. This bike was underpowered, unreliable and used 5-6l/100km. We realized the time for this “iron buffalo” was over and there should have been a better choice. Then we opted out 4-stroke Honda larger road and dirt bikes from 125 to 250cc. Our team owns Honda bikes for many years and know that this is the best choice because parts are easy, bikes are reliable and one thing says it all: “Honda” means “motorbike” in Vietnamese!

Our Motorcycles For Off-road Motorbike Tours

In late 2013, Vietnam Offroad imported new XR125L 2013 series and this bike quickly became the perfect choice for small off-road motorbike tours despite the smaller wheels (19″ front and 17″ back). They are super reliable, fuel saving an environment-friendly.

Then in late 2016, the arrival of the Honda XR150L offers a better choice for a dirt bike. It’s in between the XR125L and XR250, newer and has the right power. All in all, it’s the perfect bike for Vietnamese roads and traffic.

Last but not least, for the larger dirt bikes, Honda XR250 is still a very good option. This model has comfortable suspension, strong engine and HP to get you further on any rough roads in Vietnam.

Below are the links that offer more details about our company.

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