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We do have a good reason to provide easy scooter tours for riders who don’t ride fast. As you may know or hear, Vietnam is a bike nation and currently, there are about forty three million (yes, million) motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds. The real number could be a bit more than this number because there are many small displacement scooters (50cc or below) that were not registered.

However, at least 90% of bikes are under 150cc and manual clutch bikes are not popular, especially bikes from 175cc. These less than 10% are sport bikes and trail bikes. The speed limit is low (60km/h), traffic is crowded so big bikes is really a big waste in Vietnam. Anything over 250cc would not be suitable to ride on Vietnamese roads. In addition motorbikes over 125cc come with 120% taxes. Therefore, you don’t see many bikes over 250cc here in Vietnam.

For first-time riders to Vietnam (novice riders or beginners), we can still do something for them. Take a riding lesson and we recommend scooters, like a Honda Wave 110cc (either semi-automatic or fully automatic) as in the photos below. They are easy to ride, have real telescopic suspensions, enough power, high clearance and especially like at least 50% of bikes on the road. You will feel you are just part of Vietnam and ride at Vietnamese tempo and style on these small machines. Let’s do Easy Scooter Tours!

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours - Easy Scooter Tours: Honda step-through moped scooter 2011 WaveS 110cc

Easy Scooter Tours: Honda automatic scooter 2010 Wave RSX AT 110cc

Contact us at and we will tailor make Easy Scooter Tours that you remember for long.

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