This page is about a professional motorbike rent in Hanoi. Our business stands out from the rest for our professionalism, honesty, and support. Despite the fact that most tourists buy or rent a cheap Chinese Win, our business is still going well. In fact, we compete on quality (Japanese bikes), not cheap prices (Chinese bikes). We don’t consider Chinese Win a touring bike, just follow this link for more details.

Our Current Touring Motorbikes

Based in the Old Quarter of the capital city of Vietnam (Hanoi), Vietnam Offroad offers many different types of bikes for your adventures on two wheels in Vietnam. Best of all, all of our bikes are serviced by ourselves. In fact, we stick to just one brand because, in Vietnamese, Honda means motorcycle!

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours - Motorbike Rent In Hanoi: Honda dirt bikes 125-250cc, sport touring 125cc

Motorbike Rent In Hanoi – Options & Advice

Below we will cover the types of bikes you can hire from our Hanoi-based office. We put quality, safety, and customers’ satisfaction on top and don’t offer old bikes at lower prices to compete with other shops. In return to paying a little more, you will have the best bikes for your time in Vietnam and this can’t buy with money.

Off-road Motorbike Rent In Hanoi

Enduro bike Honda CRF250L and CRF150L are for experienced and tall riders (1.7 – 2.0m). They likely want a bit more power and better suspension. In fact, a dual enduro is best for mountain roads and off-road riding. In fact, they are Honda’s latest small dual enduro products and everything is perfect.

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Rent In Hanoi: Honda dirt bikes XR150L, CRF150L and CRF250L.

Honda XR150L is a great upgrade from the previous XL125 and XR125L. Honestly, it’s the best choice for a dirt bike because it’s much cheaper than CRF250L and more powerful than CRF150L (carburettor vs fuel ignition). In addition, the seat height is low or high enough for riders from 1.6m to 1.9m. All motorbikes come with both electric and kick starts. All in all, it’s an ideal dirt bike for Vietnam.

In short, riders between 1.6 – 1.8m who need just a simple and reliable bike find trail bike Honda XR150L 2016-17 models a great choice.

Touring Motorcycle Hire In Hanoi

Vietnam Motorcycle Hire In Hanoi: Honda touring motorcycle CGL125.

Road bike Honda CGL125 year 2014 for riders who just want a simple yet reliable bike. In reality, it’s far better than any under 125cc road bikes in Hanoi. Another model we use is a Honda Winner 150cc (year 2016-2018) under-bone touring scooter that delivers much more HP. However, Winner is not as comfortable as CGL because it’s still a scooter type.

Commuting Scooter Rental In Hanoi

Vietnam scooter Rent In Hanoi: Honda semi-automatic and fully-automatic.

Scooters are for expats who work in and around Hanoi. They just need reliable and easy commuters to ride to work or take their families on weekend shopping. In fact, the best bike is a semi-automatic or fully automatic scooters like Honda Lead 125cc, Honda Air Blade 150cc, Honda Vision 110cc, Honda Wave 110cc and, Honda Blade 110cc. All scooters are genuine Japanese Honda and you have a no-breakdown guarantee.

50cc Motorbike Rent In Hanoi

Vietnam small 50cc scooter Rental In Hanoi: GN-50 fully-automatic 50cc.

Those who worry about a legal licence can hire a 50cc scooter from us. Due to the crazy prices of Japanese Honda 50cc scooters (around 3,000$US new), we don’t offer them. Instead, we provide the Taiwanese SYM Elegant (semi-automatic) or Elite (automatic) or a Chinese copy of Honda Giorno GN-50. Note that 50cc scooter rental is not our official service and we don’t really like small bikes. They are only available at your request. The quality is fully guaranteed and they are among the best you can find in Hanoi.

We have been offering motorbike rentals since late 2006 and for more information about Motorbike Rent In Hanoi please follow this link.

To know which motorbike/scooter is the best for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.


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