This page provides details about our tour options, whether guided or self-guided.

Many people asked us if we only provide off-road motorcycle tours and the answer is “not true“. Vietnam Offroad and Offroad Vietnam are just our registered trade names. In reality, we ride on a variety of roads, from rough roads, gravel, single tracks to sealed roads. Our bike fleet includes dual enduro, dirt bikes road motorcycles. However, we have no motocross so extreme dirt biking is actually not available. Moreover, roads in Vietnam have been upgrading and the quality is getting better and better. But we still ride many hidden roads, back roads and local short-cuts many people don’t know. Let us show you a Real Vietnam that most tourists to Vietnam don’t see.

Vietnam Offroad has been in motorcycle touring business since late 2006. Over time, we develop different types of tour options because we know people have different budgets for their holidays.

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours - Tour Options. Vietnam Offroad understands that riders have different budgets and we provide three options for your motorbike tours in Vietnam. This works with any plan.

While designing itineraries, we take every detail seriously, like we are in your position. With us, you have a choice from the widest range of motorcycle vacations from Hanoi. In other words, our prices work with a very wide budget range depending on the type of bike and tour you book. Our goal is to offer the best quality of services and show YOU a REAL VIETNAM. Below are three different motorbike tour options we provide. In fact, all tours are run by professional staff and guides. Please click on the link(s) below to get more details.

Unguided Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Semi-guided Vietnam Motorbike Adventures
All Inclusive Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Collection Of The Most Popular Off-road Motorbike Tours In Vietnam

To choose a trip of your lifetime, please click on the links below to get trip itineraries of the area you want to ride. If you feel you want something more, beyond the norm, then contact us to discuss your plan(s).

Scenic Ha Giang & Northeast
North-west Vietnam
North-east Vietnam
Central North Vietnam
Big North Loop of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
One Day Tour Around Hanoi
Easy Scooter Tours

If you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding our tour options of Vietnam motorbike tours, please feel free to contact us.

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