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Many people asked us if we only provide Vietnam motorbike tours off-road and the answer is “not just that“. Vietnam Offroad and Offroad Vietnam are our registered trade names. However, they don’t mean we only offer dirt biking. In fact, we ride on a variety of roads, from rough roads, gravel roads, single tracks, goat tracks to sealed roads. We use dual enduro and sport-touring motorbikes, no motocross so extreme dirt biking is not available. Roads in Vietnam have been upgrading and the quality is getting better and better. In reality, we ride on many hidden roads, back roads, and local goat tracks many people don’t know. Let us show you another Vietnam that most tourists to Vietnam never see.

Motorcycling Vietnam is by far the best way to explore our country, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Backed up by a professional team of office staff and tour guides, you will definitely enjoy a ride with us. After many years in business, we created this FAQ page which provides almost everything you need to know about our services. Please check this page out and if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us.

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We take every detail seriously, considering like we are in your position. With us, you have a choice from the widest range of motorbike adventures in Hanoi. In other words, our prices work with a very wide budget range (15$US – 249$US/day) depending on the types of bikes and tours you would like to book. Our goal is to offer the best quality of services and show YOU a REAL VIETNAM.

Below are three different motorbike tour packages we provide, all run by the professional staff and guides. In fact, we can provide a trip regardless of how experienced you are. A riding lesson is a must if you don’t ride a motorbike before or just ride a little before you come to Vietnam.

1. Fully guided Motorbike Tours

Vietnam motorcycle adventures for riders who just pay everything in advance. You leave everything behind to us and enjoy the trip. In other words, you simply experience Vietnam your way while we work. We select the best food where we ride and comfortable places to stay.

You can have some ideas about our spending at this link.

2. Semi-guided Motorbike Tours

Vietnam motorbike tours (bikes & a guide) through Vietnam at your own pace. You have freedom of eating whatever you want, staying wherever you like and flexibility set your own pace. Everything will be easy when you have a guide, no worry about information, directions and bike problems, etc.

From our experience, people tend to save when they pay to spend on the road. This is not worth it. Check the link above about our spending on fully guided motorbike trips that we pay in order to have fresh and delicious food (not chemically frozen!), comfortable places to stay and a great trip. In fact, you get what you pay for. Naturally, people likely eat more when they are paid by us and save when they pay by themselves.

3. Self-guided Motorbike Tours

This kind of Vietnam motorbike tours will be your new adventure away from the norm. In other words, it’s a journey rather than a trip! If you are on a budget and can handle anything thrown at you, then consider an independent self-guided motorbike (125-250cc) and motor-scooter vacation (bike rentals).

We provide basic and helpful information plus advice and tips, not just hiring the bikes. In reality, we are with you the whole way with our professional assistance.

You can watch the video below to see how we can show you more on a guided tour.


Collection of the most popular off-road motorbike tours in Vietnam

To choose a trip of your lifetime, please click on the links below to get trip itineraries of the areas you want to ride. If you feel you want something more, beyond the norm, then contact us to discuss your plan(s).

Scenic Ha Giang & Northeast
North-west Vietnam
North-east Vietnam
Central North Vietnam
Big North Loop of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
One Day Tour Around Hanoi
Easy Scooter Tours


Scooter rentals for short-term and long-term for expats in Hanoi.

We have been providing near-new or latest models of scooters in Hanoi. Only genuine Honda products, no other brands, or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire. Ask about the bike model and year of manufacturing don’t just look at prices. Our rates are competitive and the quality is best.

Road/ Sport Touring Motorcycles & Semi-automatic or Fully automatic Scooters

All small off-road motorbikes, road touring motorcycles, and scooters (110-125cc) are 2013-2015 latest Japanese Honda models for our Vietnam motorbike tours and rentals in Hanoi. We discontinued all older 110-125cc motorbikes that many shops in Hanoi still use. Scooters are only for long term rentals in Hanoi as a commuter. These models are very reliable. We, in fact, encourage our customers to choose these bikes because they are just fine for Vietnamese traffic.

Off-Road Motorbikes

All 250cc off-road dual enduro bikes are Japanese Honda CRF250L, which were made between 2013 and 2017, owned and serviced by ourselves. They are among the best dual enduro bikes you can find in Hanoi. They are very reliable and handle Vietnamese roads well.

Note: None of our bikes is ideal for riding two up because small bikes have a small and skinny seat. As you probably know for large foreigners, entry bike is from 650cc so don’t expect much from a bike under 250cc. If you choose to ride two up, expect some discomfort and stop very often, or buy an extra cushion. We are honest about bike conditions and if you want the freedom of mind, book a guided tour and our guide takes care of the bikes.


If you need more reference about our business, then check out what the professionals said. Our services were highly recommended in the Lonely Planet 2009, 2012, and 2014 edition as well as many international magazines, newspapers, and travel books about motorcycling in Asia. Please follow this link for more details.

Last but not least, we support local businesses and communities through guided and semi-guided motorcycle excursions by bringing groups to local finest restaurants, hotels, and homestays. This contributes your Dollars directly to aid poor families, eating delicacies, and hotels to improve the life of local people in remote areas where few tourist activities exist. Come and give a supporting hand together with us. Our professional Vietnam motorbike tours focus on safety, quality of services, and customers’ experience and satisfaction. We don’t provide cheap backpacker logistics because it’s hard to wake up fresh and healthy after a riding day if you try to save some money and have low-quality services.

To know more about our motorbike tours, motorcycle adventures, dirt bike trips, and scooter rentals in Vietnam, please visit our Facebook page and/or YouTube channel.

Need more details?

Contact us at [email protected] in case you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations regarding our Vietnam Motorbike Tours. We will customize a motorbike itinerary to find out what is best for you to experience Vietnam on two wheels off the tourist trails.

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