This page provides you details about why us for Vietnam motorbike tours from Hanoi. Of many motorbike tour operators, we stand out to be one of the first and have a professional team.

Why Us?

Vietnam Offroad Motorbike Tours, clearly say what it does and have the true ring of adventure. There’s no mistaking it for any other company, either.

Run by two professional motorcycle riders who have had many years working in responsible tourism. Anh Wu and Tony Nguyen speak English fluently and you will have no problem understanding us because our thinking is very much like yours through many years of serving motorcycle riders.

Our company will remain 100% Vietnamese run and owned and only specializes in motorbike tours and rentals. When you travel with Vietnam Offroad, you’re not just customers but also friends. Unlike overseas-based tourism companies, every dollar you spend on the trip stays in Vietnam.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are the first and original touring company in Northern Vietnam offering Vietnam motorcycling on only Japanese Honda CGL 125cc. You can upgrade to Honda XR125L and XR250 dirt bikes at an additional cost.

These bikes are owned, serviced, and prepared by ourselves and we know them as good as the back of our hands. Most of the motorcycle tour companies in Hanoi use rental bikes from other companies because they don’t know much about bikes. Rental bikes are ridden by riders of all skill levels and are usually older or lower in quality. This is a very big difference that many companies do not mention bikes you ride on the trips.

Vietnam Offroad is a team of professional tour guides and staff. In fact, we have many years touring on motorcycles, so the team makes sure your adventure will be safe and special. In other words, we design trips as riders for riders.

Our Prices

Last but not least, our prices are flexible and so the itinerary. Together, we will tailor-make a trip that is not like the others, from the first minutes you send your request until you end your ride with us. This means if your expectation changes or the riding is different from what you think, we will sit down, look at the possibilities, and pick the best option.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations regarding why us for your Vietnam motorbike tours, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to know more about the Vietnam motorbike tours our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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