These booking conditions were updated in March 2014. They are applicable for Vietnam motorbike tours and rentals that start in Hanoi.


– To reserve our fully guided or semi-guided tours, please send the first deposit at least one month before the date of departure.

– To reserve our self-guided tours (motorbike rentals), you need to send the first deposit as soon as you decide to hire the bike(s) while still available.

– The client is responsible for any bank charges like sending fees, different conversion rates, and worst of all – a middle bank fee.

– You pay the due balance before or on the day of departure. If you don’t want to carry a lot of cash you can send us the balance via a bank transfer or Western Union cash transfer or by credit cards online. Alternatively, you can also pay with credit cards at our shop (+ 3% bank service charge for Visa and MasterCard, + 4% for American Express cardholders). Sadly, we don’t accept traveler’s cheques PayPal due to fees and unfriendly conditions.

Cancellation Or Delay Of A Booking

Self-guided tours or motorbike rentals

50$US for change or delay of dates per booking. However, there is no charge due to unexpected events like diseases, wars, or travel ban…
Deposit is nonrefundable.
No refund for unused rental days.
No refund for cancellation within 7 days before you collect the rental bike(s) if you previously paid in full.

Fully guided or semi-guided tours Booking Conditions

100$US for change or delay of dates per booking. However, there is no charge due to unexpected events like diseases, wars, or travel ban…
No deposit refund.
No refund for cancellation within 14 days before the tour departure date and/or during/after the tour if you previously paid in full.

– In all cases, there is 100 USD for our preparation fees.

– The local exchange rate is from Vietcombank.

– If one (or several people) cancels, we offer a refund. The new cost depends on the number of remaining riders on the tour, usually more expensive per person. On the other hand, if additional participants join a group, the total price will be recalculated, usually cheaper.


– Our tours do not include personal medical insurance or motorbike tour accident insurance.

– Each participant must have individual repatriation insurance. In addition, you need to provide information about the nearest representative office to Vietnam. Therefore, we can contact in case of an emergency. You need to have personal medical insurance, even if you are a pillion passenger. For passengers, insurance companies normally cover any accident.

Some Australian riders suggested CHI Insurance and/or Allianz and said these companies didn’t require a local driving license and covered larger displacements. Alternatively, Lonely Planet also has an insurance policy for less than 100$US/person. On our trips, you ride about five hours per day on average. It means you still get insured about 19 hours per day while not riding the bike.

If you need details about a driving licence in order to get an insurance policy, please follow this link.

– Each participant signs a disclaimer stipulating that he/she contracted personal insurance. In other words, Offroad Vietnam will not, under any circumstances, have to assume the responsibility for the expenses caused in the event of accident or disease. Any expenses incurred by Offroad Vietnam in such circumstances will have to be reimbursed.

Note About Booking Conditions

– As a way to say “thank you”, we normally won’t ask a deposit for returning customers and you definitely get a discount on your next tour(s).

– We give no guarantee about weather conditions. You can delay your tours but there is no refund if you cancel.

– For deposit and payment instructions please click here.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding booking conditions of Vietnam motorbike tours, please feel free to contact us.

To have some idea about Vietnam motorbike tours our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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