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Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours – Support Truck While You Ride


Why Support Truck?

The reasons our customers need a support truck on a motorcycle tour in Vietnam:

– When they travel in a large group (from six riders);
– Having big bags or camera equipment;
– Wanting spare bikes and instant back-up in case of bike breakdown;
– Taking a comfortable seat in the truck when they feel tired with riding or having an accident;
– Bringing an ice box and have cold beer or water on the road;
– Personal requirement.

Below is a Hyundai support truck we use if you request this backup option. However, the color of the truck can be different because we have a few of them.

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours - Support Truck. Support truck, back-up Huyndai truck and driver on a Vietnam motorcycle tour


The cost of a support truck is 170$US/day and that includes:

– The Hyundai 1T truck, fuel, parking and tickets for roads and bridges;
– Driver, his food, and accommodation;
– Two spare bikes (same type of bikes you ride);
– Extra spare parts for motorbikes;
– Instant back-up and travel back to base if needed.

What Exactly Does The Driver Do?

The driver speaks some English and provides more assistance to the tour guide. Therefore, if you need a repair work on your bike the job will be much easier. In fact, when you ride on small tracks and dirt roads he can’t follow you. However, he will be a few minutes away on the main roads. Normally, a private group selects this option and shares the cost between riders.

This truck is not allowed in the inner city of Hanoi after 6am. Therefore, the driver will come to your hotel and load the big bags on the truck very early in the morning you commence your motorbike tour with Offroad Vietnam. So please get all bags that you want to load on the truck down at the hotel reception. You don’t need to wake up and meet the driver, get some sleep and leave that job for us. Passports, travel documents, valuables, and cameras should be with you, don’t store in the truck. This truck allows one passenger, so if you have a passenger when you start, he/she travels on the back of our guide’s bike for 15km. This way allows everyone on your trip starts at the same time from our office.

If you have any suggestion or recommendation regarding support truck on a Vietnam motorbike tour, please feel free to contact us.

For more add-ons you could arrange through Vietnam Offroad Motorbike Tours, please follow this link.

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