Before inquiring about this Visa On Arrival (VOA), we would recommend that you check on your countries visa requirements and if required. Apply for a visa in your country of residence before your arrival. You may, however, be able to get it at Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh airport, but not possible if you arrive by land. Honestly, this service is simply to obtain a pre-approved letter so you can get the official visa stamp on arrival.

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa (valid for a visit from 14 to 30 days). Those countries include most ASEAN countries, Korea, Japan, Russia, and Scandinavians. All other citizens are required to get an entry visa before departure or a pre-approved entry visa (visa is issued on arrival at Vietnam’s International Airports). Some nationalities might be refused or charged a lot of money because of the sponsorship is required, typically people from Muslim countries or from Africa (except South Africans).

However, this service can be unavailable at certain times like during disease (Coronavirus in 2019-2010).

Step 1. Provide Details To Apply Your Vietnam Visa On Arrival

To get a visa approval letter for you, we need the following information and a copy of your passport page where your photo is on (use a scanner or a digital camera or a smartphone to get it), the purpose is to make sure that the information matches what you sent to avoid any potential typos. Passports need to have at least six months’ validity, less than six months is also good but there could be a problem leaving your country.

1. Your title (Mr./Mrs./Ms.):
2. Your name exactly as it appears in your passport:
3. Date of birth (dd/mm/yy):
4. Nationality:
5. Passport number:
6. Date of issue of your passport (dd/mm/yy):
7. Date of passport expiration (dd/mm/yy):
8. Proposed date of arrival (dd/mm/yy):
9. Flight details (dd/mm/yy):
10. The airport of arrival:
11. The purpose of visit (Vacation/Business/Family visit):

Step 2. Print The Visa On Arrival Letter

After we have your details, please allow three working days before we can send a copy of the letter. If you want an express one-day service then add 10$US/person. When you have a copy of the letter please print it (color or black & white work). Please keep in mind that each person needs one copy. Also, take two passport photos with you to fill in the application form on arrival in Vietnam.

Note: A letter usually comes with more people and the details of full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport number will be printed. In case you care about your privacy and only want a private letter then let us know so we could advise an additional charge. Normally, our customers don’t complain about this but it’s always good to mention here.

Hanoi international airport - Getting a Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Step 3. Get A Visa Stamp On Arrival

On arrival, please show the Immigration officers at the airport. In fact, there is a separate counter for people with a pre-approved letter. Copies of the same document will also be forwarded by us to Vietnam immigration checkpoints at three international airports, so when you arrive in Vietnam, the Immigration officers have those documents handy and will be able to issue your entry visa shortly.

Step 4. Pay For The Letter & Stamp

The costs of the pre-approved visa letter depend on the types of visa you apply. There are two types of fees, one for the letter (you pay us) and one for the official stamp (you pay to the border police on arrival)

Cost of Visa On Arrival letters

You pay us for this service.
One month single entry: 15$US
One-month multiple entries: 20$US
Three-month single entry: 20$US
Three-month multiple entries: 25$US
People from the USA will pay 30$US cost for a one-year multiple-entry visa. However, each stay is limited to three months. This was effective from September 2016 per request from the US government. Recently, we received an unofficial update that this will void soon (fall in tourists from the USA?). Stay tuned for the future update.

Cost of Visa On Arrival stamp

You pay at the airport to the border police officers. This fee can change without any prior notice.
Up to three months, single entry: 25$US
Up to three months, multiple entries: 50$US
People from the USA will pay 135$US for a one-year multiple-entry visa. Each stay is up to three months. This was effective from September 2016 per request from the US government.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding Vietnam Visa On Arrival, please feel free to contact us.

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